Men's Fixtures

W = Whites
G = Greys
Fr = Friendly
RBL = Richmond-Barnes League
NSL = New Surrey League
Sat 23rd            
Sun 24th            
Sat 30th CAPT v PRESIDENT H 3.00pm 5 Mixed W/Fr  
Sat 7th EGHAM H 3.00pm 5 Mixed W/Fr  
Sun 8th MALDEN A 3.00pm 4 Men W/CUP  Moved to 3/7
Sat 14th SOUTH LONDON A 3.00pm 3 Men W/NSL  
Sun 15th            
Sat 21st            
Sun 22nd HEATHFIELD  2.30pm  3 Men  W/NSL  
Sat 28th BOURNEMOUTH VISIT          Bournemouth visit 
Sun 29th BOURNEMOUTH VISIT          28th to 31st May 
Mon 30th BOURNEMOUTH VISIT           
Tues 31st BOURNEMOUTH VISIT          
Sat 4th SUPREME H 2.30pm 3 Men W/NSL  
Sun 5th WANDILEA A 3.00pm 3 Men W/NSL  
Wed 8th HAMPTON  2.15pm  3 Mixed  G/Fr   
Sat 11th WEST EALING  3.00pm  3 Men  W/RBL   
Sun 12th            
Sat 18th MAGDALEN PARK 2.30pm 3 Men  W/NSL   
Sun 19th            
Tues 21st PUTNEY TOWN A 6.00pm 3 Men G/RBL  
Wed 22nd LONDON CIVIL SERVICE H 2.15pm 5 Rinks G/Fr  
Sat 25th MALDEN H 3.00pm 3 Men W/NSL  
Sun 26th            
Mon 27th Area 2 Finals H 6.00pm 2 Rinks COMP  
Sat 2nd SOUTHEY  3.00pm  3 Men  W/NSL   
Sun 3rd  MALDEN A 3.00pm  4 Men  CUP   
Wed 6th PUTNEY TOWN 6.00pm 3 Men G/RBL  
Sat  9th EGHAM A 3.00pm 5 Mixed W/Fr   
Sun 10th            
Wed 13th MID SURREY A 6.00pm 3 Men G/RBL  
Sat 16th LADIES DAY  H 3.00pm  6 Rinks  W/Fr   
Sun 17th WEST WIMBLEDON  2.30pm  3 Men  W/NSL  Moved to 24/9 
Sat 23rd CARSHALTON BCHS H 2.30pm 3 Men  W/NSL   
Sun 24th            
Wed 27th HURLINGHAM PARK H 5.30pm 3 Mixed G/RBL  
Sat 30th WINNINGTON PARK H 2.30pm 3 Mixed W/RBL  
Sun 31st SURREY FINALS A 9.30am 6 Rinks W/COMP CROYDON
Sun 31st LONDON - SURREY BIKE RACE          
Wed 10th MASONIANS 6.00pm  3 Men  G/COMP  
Sat 13th Eric Theobald Salver H 2.30pm TBA Area Trophy  
Wed 17th MID SURREY H 6.00pm  3 Men  G/RBL   
Thurs 18th MASONIANS A 6.00pm 3 Men G/RBL  
Sat 20th BELMONT H 2.30pm 3 Men W/NSL  
Sun 21st WEST EALING A 3.00pm 3 Men W/RBL  
Wed 24th HURLINGHAM PARK  5.15pm  3 Mixed  G/RBL   
Sat 27th             
Sun 28th WINNINGTON PARK A 2.30pm 3 Mixed W/RBL  
Sat 3rd LSCBA FINALS A 9.30am      at BOUNDS GREEN
Sat 4th RBDBA FINALS A 9.30am     at WEST EALING
Sat 10th EMBER A 2.30pm 4 Mixed W/Fr  
Sun 11th            
Sat 17th FINALS DAY H 9.30am TBA W/Comp  
Sun 18th FINALS DAY  11.00am  TBA  W/COMP   
Sat 24th  WEST WIMBLEDON 2.30pm  3 Men  W/NSL   
Sun 25th GREEN CLOSES          
Indoor Fixtures 2016/2017
TBA/11/2016 RICHMOND IBC A 3.00pm   4/5 Mxd W/Fr  
TBA/03/2017 RICHMOND IBC A 3.00pm   4/5 Mxd W/Fr